Jane the Chiropodist.

Information about Jane.


This year so far has been difficult for most people. I had to shield twice, but am now back at work. I am having to work at a much slower pace, only treating one patient per hour. I am unable to take on new patients.

Four Chiropodists in the area have retired and many of their patients have transferred to me. A big welcome to you all. It does mean though that I am not always able to book people in for appointments on the week they ring. It may take a couple of weeks to get an appointment so please be patient with me. I will of course always book people in as soon as possible.

Get  your footwear out of your wardrobe. Check all shoes and sandals for splits, holes, and worn out soles. If they are really comfortable see if you can get them mended, if they are a bit uncomfortable bin them! Also and possibly even more important, check for their fit. Try your shoes on at the end of the day when your feet are at their biggest. If they feel tight don’t wear them. Time to treat yourself to a new pair- again go shopping for shoes at the end of your working day. People tend to go out specially to buy shoes, so do so in the morning. It’s amazing how often I hear ” they fit me in the shop, but don’t now” – that’s because they were tried on, in the shop, in the morning. By teatime feet have swollen and can easily be a size bigger! When trying shoes on always make sure they are comfy on your bigger foot and add an insole to the other shoe if it slips off. NEVER think ” they’ll be ok when I’ve broken them in”- that means they are too small.

I qualified as a Chiropodist/Podiatrist in May 1986 with the SMAE Institute (established in 1919). So I am celebrating over 30 years as a qualified Chiropodist this year.  ( My father worked as a Chiropodist for 30 years before me, so a family business of over 60 years is something I am quite proud of). I became registered with the HCPC in 2004,( the first year of registration for chiropodists ). This is the Health care and professionals council that ensures all chiropodists meet national standards. Then in 2012 I became a member of the Institute of Chiropodists. Occasionally my clinic is closed for the day when I am studying or attending a chiropody seminar or conference , as I regularly attend professional development events. a Chiropody conference that I attended in October was full of enlightenment, learning about skin conditions, diabetic complications and digital toe deformities.

I have always been fascinated by feet. As a teenager, I would stand behind my father and watch him work. Because each foot is different, and every client is individual, I thoroughly enjoy my job. You will find you receive a warm and friendly greeting at my clinic. I like to offer a comfortable and enjoyable experience. My aim is that people should be able to have feet that are so good that they do not need my expertise for long. The majority of  new people that book appointments with me do so because one of my existing patients have recommended me.